About the ECO Impact Awards

The ECO Impact Awards aims to highlight the work of our certified members who demonstrate their leadership, commitment to the field and dedication to continuous improvement in the environment sector.

nominees are

grouped into four categories:

EP Members

(Environmental Professionals)

EPt Members

(Environmental Professionals in-training)

EP Auditor Members


Top Employers


EP Members
EPt Members
EP Auditor Members
Top Employers

The EP designation is awarded to applicants after a rigorous review of education, employment history and validation of environmental skills and knowledge via a self-assessment and peer validation process. EPs are leaders in their industry and must practice in their profession in accordance with the ethical standards all EPs must uphold by adhering to the EP Code of Ethics. To learn more, including information on the specific eligibility requirements and the application process, visit eco.ca/certification.

Work experience

Must have at least five years of environmental work experience in Canada and this experience must be recent (obtained within the past ten years). If work was completed outside of Canada, nominees must have at least six years of environmental work experience, including one year of environmental employment with a Canadian employer.


Nominees hold a recognized Canadian college diploma or university degree, or equivalent international credentials. If they’ve obtained a degree or diploma outside of Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, they need an educational assessment to demonstrate the Canadian equivalency.

environmental competencies

EPs must meet a minimum standard of environmental skills and knowledgeaccording to National Occupational Standards (NOS). The NOS are a guide for the skills and knowledge for professionals to do their jobs competently within their selected fields of specialization.

Individuals holding the Environmental Professional in-training designation, or EPt, are emerging or early career professionals committed to building upon their education and/or skills to work towards the EP designation and become leaders of industry. To learn more, including information on the specific eligibility requirements and the application process, visit www.eco.ca/certification

As a stepping stone to the Environmental Professional (EP) certification, EPts are required to:

  • Identify their competency levels against the standard of environmental skills and knowledge according to National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Environmental Employment in Canada
  • Demonstrate professional integrity by being accountable to the EP Code of Ethics
  • Learn best practices in the sector by accessing environmental career resources

Environmental Auditors represent an elite group of environmental professionals who are experts in environmental auditing and auditing standards. EP Auditors are granted certification after a rigorous review of their expertise. Each EP Auditor has at least 5 years of direct environmental audit-related experience, post-secondary education, and have completed a minimum of a 35-hour lead auditor training course. EP Auditors have also successfully completed the Expert Review process where their auditing expertise is validated and through the online examination process where their skills and knowledge are tested. To learn more, visit http://www.eco.ca/certification/whats-my-specialty/ep-auditor/.

ECO Canada awards EP Auditor designations to individuals who meet high standards of expertise in environmental auditing:

1. Must meet the EP certification requirements:

  • Education (Must have recognized diploma or degree)
  • Employment History (Minimum five years of relevant experience)
  • Environmental Specialization Knowledge (Meet assessment standards)
  • Core Competencies (Validated skills and knowledge by reputable peers)
  • Demonstrate professional integrity as they are accountable to the EP Code of Ethics

2. Must have at least 35 hours of formal training in:

  • Environmental Management Systems & Audit Standards
  • Environmental Science & Technology
  • The Technical & Environmental Aspects of Business and Facility Operations
  • Relevant Environmental Laws, Regulations, And Associated Documentation Best Practices
  • The Procedures, Processes, Techniques, And Guidelines for Different Types Of Environmental Audits

New this year, employers are eligible for an ECO Impact award.                 

To be eligible, entrants must be operating their business within Canada for at least one year as of April 1, 2017.

There are a few additional rules for this award:

1. The employer must have EPt, EP, or EP Auditor member(s) under its employ and or engaged in environmental work or projects and or an ECO+ Enterprise Member. (please provide a list of names with submission for verification by ECO Canada)

2. Submissions must be able to demonstrate that the employer is a leader in providing innovative, impactful and productive solutions that to further the environmental sector, or have created/support environmental awareness within their organization

3. ECO Impact Award sponsors are not eligible for the Employer Impact Award (though their employees are eligible in the individual award categories)

4. Each employer submission must contain a summary of how the employer meets the criteria of the award (as described in #2 above), and should be no more than 8 pages in length. Specific project / initiatives details are required.

5. Each employer submission must be supported by a minimum of 2 testimonials (from client, employee, etc.)

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