2018 ECO Impact Award Host

We’re excited to announce Fred Keating will be the Master of Ceremonies and host of the awards gala event

For over 30 years, Fred Keating has been working with business executives, supervisors and communicators in training and professional development workshops. He coached presentation skills as the coordinator of speech and communication courses at the University of Alberta Departments of Drama and Education for undergraduate and graduate students. Fred Keating went on to coach high ranking executives and their employees within corporate, educational and research structures. Fred Keating is an Actor/Writer with business interests in both Alberta and British Columbia. He is well-known for hosting podcasts and both pre-recorded and live special events such as the Banff World Media Festival and other national and international conferences; awards shows and special events for a variety of corporate and government clients. He has produced, written and directed hundreds of educational and promotional video productions for these same clients. Fred’s been apart of 30 feature films and 60 television series … often as a recurring character. Some would say a “recurring nightmare”! Fred Keating received the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2005.