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When submitting a nomination for yourself and/or a professional peer, please ensure that you include:

  •  A reason for submission
  • A short bio and headshot 
  • A minimum of two letters of support
  • A project summary detailing the nominee’s experience, professionalism and demonstration of how they meet the awards criteria

I am or am nominating a Top Employer:

Nominations must include:

  • A project summary detailing the employer’s leadership in providing innovative, impactful and productive solutions that further the environmental sector, or have created/supported environmental awareness within their organization, and a demonstration of how they meet the awards criteria
  • The organization’s mission/vision and biography
  • Company logo
  • A minimum of two testimonials from clients and employees

How to Apply

Please complete the inquiry form, after which you will be directed to a Thank You page to download the application form. Depending on your answers in the inquiry form you will either complete the “Individual” application form for Top EP, EP Auditor and EPt award nomination, or the “Organization” application form for the Top Employer award. You may complete both application forms if you’re nominating yourself and your organization. The applications have 12 questions and will take approximately two (2) hours to complete, however gathering the necessary details may take longer. Once you have completed the application form please email it to

Deadline to Apply is November 18, 2019